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TPC Panel

TPC Panel

A tool ready for use !

Easy use :
Panel delivered with its  safety, access and assembling accessories  (integrated and unlosable) = -20% of assembling parts compared to the standard shutters on the market.

Ensured Productivity :
Unlimited concrete speed up to 7.60 m high (maximum deflection 2.5mm) = -40% of tierods to position on the wall compared to the standard shutters on the market.

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SC9015/SC1015 Shutters

SC9015/SC1015 Shutters

For a perfect concrete finish !

Strength tested—ready for use
Concrete pressure : 15 tonnes / sqm
Panel delivered ready for use with safety and stability accessories
Steel formworking face
Setting time : 1’30’’/sqm
Unlimited concrete speed up to 8.90m high

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One face formworking tools

One face formworking tools

Tailored solutions adapted to your worksites issues

From SATECO standard formworking solutions, we can study on your request with your concrete designs, a special formworking tool that fits the needs of your worksite.

See examples of special one face formworking tools

Outil une face mobile pour Bouygues QATAR

Example 1: Movable one face tool for Bouygues Qatar
This formworking tool was thought by SATECO for its customer BOUYGUES for the creation of the surrounding wall of a Business District in Doha ( Qatar Petroleum District) - a wide project including 9 towers of offices  (with 16 up to 47 storeys) 5 stars hotels with 405 bedrooms, 5 340 carparks, Conference Center…

Outil une face mobile pour QDVC (Vinci Grands Projets Qatar)

Example 2: Movable one face tool for QDVC (Vinci – Wide Projects in Qatar)
Formworking tool designed to achieve an elaborated project: the Sheraton Hotel in Doha.

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CTR 4010 Shutters

CTR 4010 Shutters

All shapes on request !

Concrete pressure : 10 tonnes / sqm

Panel with sheet formworking face for curved wall (mini. Radius : 3.00 m) Automatic adjustment of the radius with the CC adjustment kit (height 5.00m)

Safety and stability accessories integrated in the panel

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A full range for safety on the worksites

- P3D and PTE: corbelling working platform,
- PCE: podium to optimize safety in staircase wells
- PCA: podium to optimize safety in lift shafts
- REMAT/SMAT: platform to store tools.

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« Take Off » Prop

« Take Off » Prop for slab formwork

« Take Off » is a prop to set up slab formworks, Maximum static load 3 000Kg/prop and maximum lifting load 500Kg.
The shuttering setting height is possible at 1.10m, Setting the slab to be cast is done in one operation withthe remote control.

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