SATECO, la liberté d’imaginer

Sateco International

Our world has become more demanding and in order to answer your technical and logistics resquests, SATECO keeps working hard to offer you innovating and performing tools, results of its French Know-How as a manufacturer of products for concrete forming.

Sateco propose a full range of :

- steel and/or mixed formworks for straight or curved walls,
- equipments for operators safety on the worksites,
- tailored formworks,
- slabs formworking tools,
- prefabrication equipments
- …

A full support, from the beginning till the end

From the 2 French production workshops, SATECO ensures the delivery of its equipments turnkey worldwide, with the support of our technical engineers from the beginning till the end.

The best products, the best designs, the best achievements for modern equipments, tested to ensure their reliability and durability.

 Our  partners  :

 BOUYGUES (South America, UAE, Far East) - BESIX –SIX CONSTRUCT (UAE)  - G.T.O.I (DOM TOM) - IMPLENIA (Switzerland) SOLETANCHE (Africa) - PETROSERVICE (Russia)

Some amazing buildings :

Convention and Exhibition Center in HONG KONG - Taman Rasuna in JAKARA (Indonésia) - Water tanks in DUBAI (UAE) - French Library and « Stade de France » in Paris (France)